A New Year, A New Blog

I’ve had it. After so much frustration with my old blog, I’ve decided to get serious and make a change. It’s a good as time for a change as any, I suppose. People usually make resolutions for the new year, but I’ve found that everyone seems to resolve to do the same thing…lose weight, save more money, exercise more, etc. Resolutions have become something to mindlessly claim and easily forget in February. So instead of resolving to do anything this year, I’m going to make some promises instead. Because it’s harder to break a promise than a New Year’s resolution…

My promise is to write a blog post once a week for the year. My promise is to get creative with the content; to make it inspiring and appealing. I promise to ask my husband before posting anything embarrassing (you’re welcome, Bear). I promise to use the interests and skills God has given me to spread His love to the world, including through this media. I promise to be sincere, trustworthy, kind, and humble in what I say on here.

Thanks for reading. Keep it up and I’ll keep it coming..

Photo by Beth of houseoffigs.co