2018 Family Newsletter

What a fantastic, crazy, exciting year we have had! Our family has enjoyed growing, learning about ourselves, exploring more of the world, and getting closer to friends and family this year.

Liz started her photography business With Grace and Hope LLC and has been happily learning more about that field as she goes. She continues to play in a volleyball league every week and is on the leadership team for her church’s moms group.

Ryan changed jobs at his work and is enjoying his new responsibilities there. He is winning at dad life and the girls adore him. He hates being talked about so we will leave it at that.

Maggie turned three years old in November and we are enjoying her new stage of life. She has been potty trained since about May, her “school” skills are developing more every day and she has become more interested in sitting down and learning. She transitioned to the preschool class at Sunday School and is repeating her music class from last year. She is full of energy and excitement!

Juliet turned one year old in August. She is learning things so quickly due to an adventurous big sister. She is very into doing things herself and is climbing even more than Maggie did (which I thought was impossible). She loves music, and books, and food. We are enjoying watching her grow and seeing her personality come through.

As a family, this year consisted of:

Traveling to Barbados

 Trips to the Cabins


Wisconsin Visits

Patten family visit to MI

Schulz Grandparent Anniversary Trip

Trip to Oregon/Seattle


Jeff & Katie’s Wedding

Becky & Clark’s Wedding


Pictures by B Emerson Photography

Cheers to this year and onto 2019!


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