Girl’s Best Friend

If you don’t know already from my posts and Instagram feed, we’re a bit dog obsessed around here. We have two fur babies of our own and regularly have a neighbor dog that spends hours a day here.


Since they’re such a big part of our family, I’ll give you some of their backstory!

Jackson Jorge:

Named for a white “J” mark on the back of his head from when he was a puppy. My sister named his middle name and was in the depths of high school Spanish.

Born Nov. 4, 2005 – we adopted him from a nearby hobby farm just before Christmas.

He was a gift from my friends after my childhood dog passed away that summer.

He has moved with me four times, once including crossing state lines. He was a package deal when my husband married me.

He’s part-Australian Shepherd, part-terrier. He is super smart and also crazy. He is high anxiety and freaks out at fireworks, guns, and the air compressor. He takes doggy Xanax.

He’s been with me through everything and is still my puppy. He’s the lucky one that gets to sleep on the bed by me.


Leia Jade:

Born April 20, 2015 – we adopted her from a family breeder in late June after a concert. She was my project because I was very pregnant and bored after I quit working.

She is a purebred red Labrador and is the laziest, goofiest mutt ever.  We kid around that her name is really “Lay-a” because of how lazy she is. We aren’t big Star Wars fans or anything, we just liked the name for her.

She is the best dog for our toddler. I’d say she loves Maggie, but she really loves everyone. She’s everybody’s best friend.

She knows about three tricks and that’s it. She’s dumb, but pretty!


After we got Leia, we realized that several things were necessary for a comfortable life with both our dogs and kids. We put in a dog door and made sure we had a completely fenced in yard. This enables me to not have to worry about the dogs and to focus more on my daughter without constantly having to get up and let the dogs in and out (anyone with a newborn understands the frustration).

We’ve made it almost two years with two dogs and a baby without any incident! We have, however, realized that we get easily annoyed at some very small things. Our biggest complaint right now, is noisy dog tags! Our dogs have an ID tag and a rabies tag on their collars and they are constantly jingling. When your dog scratches and his tags wake your sleeping baby, you get angry!

We’ve tried silicone tag covers, but they didn’t fit the tags well and ended up ripping within a couple weeks. Sometimes the rings on the tags would get bent and the tags would come off. Super safe for our dogs and kid, right? Well, I finally found the solution!


Engraved leather dog collars! It eliminates the need for the ID tag, so it’s instantly quieter. I tried one from Custom Catch for Leia and we love it! There were several options and we chose a simple one – her name and my phone number.


We’ve had it on her for a couple weeks now and are extremely happy with it. It is a high quality product and the engraving is very well done. Just search Custom Catch on Amazon and see what they have to offer!








—–This is a sponsored post and I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.—–




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