Transitioning My 15 Month Old to a Floor Bed

We finally did it. We had planned on waiting until the baby was almost here or when she was closer to two year old, but we’ve never been the types to hold to a plan, I guess.

We splurged on ourselves and upgraded to a king-size mattress (co-sleeping parents, rejoice), but knew we wanted to save our queen for Maggie’s room so guests could still have a place to stay over after the baby comes. A way to keep a guest room, but not really considering we host someone maybe every two months for a weekend.

So we jumped the gun and moved Maggie’s crib to the new baby’s room and moved our old mattress on her floor. This all happened in one day and needless to say, this pregnant lady was emotional about her baby moving out of her crib so suddenly.

Maggie played in her room and watched as we set up and organized her room to accommodate ย the new bed. She was excited about the change and loved being able to get up and down from it. Her first time sleeping in it was a naptime. I did a similar routine as we always had – rocked her while she drank her milk, read a story, and then laid her down. For the first week, I tried this, but she kept waking up at her normal times at night (12-1, 4-5) and I would give in and sleep in her bed.

Finally, one night Bear said that I would have to get strict about her sleeping alone soon. He was right; she would have to learn to sleep in her own bed for the whole night eventually. So I changed things up…

I moved the rocking chair into the new baby’s room and instituted a snuggle time instead of rocking her. I put on her sound machine, gave her the milk, snuggled her while she drank (usually reading as well)…and something miraculous happened…she handed me the bottle, grabbed a couple pacifiers, and turned over. It was like she was ready for sleeping and wanted me to leave. That may be heartbreaking to some parents, but to a mom who struggled with her daughter’s sleeping patterns for almost a year and a half, I celebrated. And even more miraculous, she slept through the night (well, woke up once but i just found her pacifier for her and she went right back to sleep).


I honestly believe that switching Maggie out of the crib at this age was the key to her sleeping well. She goes to sleep well every night (even if she cries a bit, I tell her “it’s bedtime, go to sleep” and that does it), she sleeps through the night almost every night (HALLELUJAH), and sleeps til around 8-8:30 (a full HOUR longer than she normally slept). We haven’t had any issue yet with her playing with her toys at 3 am, but I have had to tell her to stop playing and get back in bed at the beginning of naptime once or twice. Overall, I think it helped her not feel so confined and alone.


I do have some work to do to finish my plans for her room, but turning it into a toddler-friendly free space (Google Montessori bedroom, if you can’t picture it) didn’t actually take that much work.



Switching your 15 month old to a floor bed may not be for everyone, but it certainly worked for us. And we take whatever works.

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