What Moms REALLY Need (and Don’t Need) for Their Baby Shower


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE baby showers. I love the goofy games, the cute baby gifts, and obviously, cake. Many may not share my opinion, but I will gladly go to a baby shower, even if I hardly know the mama-to-be.

It’s inevitable though, along with the adorable invitation is the reminder that the mother-to-be has a gift registry. This is a wonderful thing for most people. It requires little thought for the guests and there’s no wondering if she will like or use the gift. This is especially nice for the recipient because she knows what she wants to use and there will be no weird surprises.

However, I am one of those guests who loves to add my own personal touch and while I think registries are a necessity (I use them, too), it’s also fun to throw in something that will mean a little bit more.

So if you have a baby shower coming up and want to spoil the mama with a little something extra special that she may not have put on her registry, here are some ideas (I’m even borrowing a few from some of my gifts from my shower!)

A multi-use cover – if you know the mama will be nursing, these are a great idea because they are so versatile! I have fallen in love with mine and am surprised that still so many mamas don’t know they exist.

A teething necklace –  I never was a huge jewelry fan, but am always wearing these. Maggie loves to chew on them and I’m not afraid that she will break them when she pulls them. This is a great and functional gift for any mama.

A baby carrier – I think most mamas have these on their registry now, but if not, they need it! I can’t imagine not having something to carry Maggie around in. If you aren’t sure what kind of carrier they would prefer, go for something easy to figure out like a soft-structured carrier. The new mama will thank you for this gift a million times over.

Extra pacifiers – I don’t know about anyone else, but we’ve gone through about six packages of pacifiers so far. Thanks to the dog, we’ve lost quite a few, plus we always need them around the house and Maggie sleeps with about four in her crib so she can find them at night. These things can go for about $5 for two, so it adds up! While you’re at it, throw it a pacifier clip to help the mama not go crazy. I can’t believe it took me several months to invest in one.

Baby medicine – someone at my shower gave me a health kit and included some Motrin. I didn’t even know how valuable it would be until Maggie’s first fever several months in. Instead of having to run out in the middle of the night to find an open store and buy some medicine while Maggie was in pain, we were already stocked. What a lifesaver!

Some fun toys to grab as an add-on would be: rattle toys, squishy balls, bath toys, musical toys, and things that light up. Someone got me a talking dog and I thought I would hate it, but it has different learning levels and Maggie enjoys it pretty much every day. A popular idea for showers right now is giving a baby book instead of a card, and I LOVE it! If the shower you’re going to doesn’t have this, include a popular baby book.


Some things that the mama does NOT need. Take it from me, she will appreciate whatever you get her, but it is much better to not waste your money or her space. Make sure that she gets what she has listed on her registry and do NOT exceed the amount. Seriously. These things accumulate and are not as needed as you would think (at least, as I thought).

  • Receiving blankets
  • Baby bibs
  • Baby decor
  • Baby blankets

On the other hand, there are some things that are better quality if hand-made. If you know how to sew, these are awesome gifts to make:

  • Keepsake quilt
  • Burp rags

And remember, gift cards are always a great idea. While they may seem impersonal, it’s a relief to know that there are some extra funds to go for some big ticket items so the mom and dad don’t have to scrape together money for a car seat or jogging stroller.

I hope this is a help to you…if you have other ideas that you loved getting at your shower or love to give at showers, let me know! And if you think I’m completely wrong on something, shoot me a comment!


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