Upcycle Old Throw Pillows

We all know how quickly trends come and go. Pretty much only leggings and Birkenstocks make their way back again every so often.

If you’re anything like me (ie: wait until something is basically out of style to grab it off the clearance rack), you have a bunch of random decor lying around in a closet or in the basement. Well, in my last purge, I found a pile of assorted throw pillows I had gotten from Goodwill over the years (none of them matching and most of them looking very drab). I promised myself that I would use them and didn’t throw them out. That was in March. I finally got a great coupon for Joann’s and decided I was going to try to sew some pillow covers.

download (36)

It was super easy! It took me about an hour to make two covers and that’s just because I’m very novice. I grabbed a yard of some cute (still trendy) fabric and got to work. Here’s a breakdown of the easiest home upcycle I’ve ever done:

Find some old throw pillows or grab some discounted ones at a thrift store.

download (37)

Get enough material to wrap around the pillows you want to cover. One yard covered two standard throw pillows for me and I had some left over.  Cut the fabric so you only have to sew three sides.

Pin if you want to, but it’s a square and I’m lazy so I didn’t. I had a stiff fabric so it didn’t move much. Make sure you have the right sides facing each other.

Sew up two sides. Flip inside out.

download (40)

Fit pillow inside cover. Tuck in the unfinished edges and sew the remaining side.

Ta da! And done! Super easy and now you have a new look with an old pillow!

download (41)

If you feel really crafty, add a zipper or button clasp so you can change out the cover. I don’t plan on it anytime soon. Plus I have enough pillows still lying around for a couple more projects.

Hope you try it out and enjoy!

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