Things I Want to Remember…

Baby toes, infectious giggles, first steps. Faces full of food, sweet napping times,  children jumping in puddles.

Sweet, tender moments that we mothers know will fade quickly. The thousands of diaper changes,  the loud tantrums, the quiet cuddles…we know it is precious and fleeting.

I often look at these pictures of other moms with their dear children, soaking up every second of their innocence and youth. I think “how blessed are we?” We have a method to capture details and tiny moments of which our mothers are probably jealous. There are a lot of issues with technology, but sometimes we forget how fortunate we are to live in an age where we can easily record almost every waking (or sleeping) moment of our children’s lives. It doesn’t make time slow down, of course, but it does make me be purposefully remembering my baby’s life. Every single day I am soaking her in, analyzing her changes, celebrating her growth, and being overzealous in my Instagramming of her. There’s really no need for a hashtag on my pictures…I want to remember absolutely everything.

As a mother, I constantly want to be freezing time and speeding it up all at once. I want my daughter to be able to converse with me, but I also really don’t want to her crawl yet. I want her to be potty trained, but I also don’t want her to be done nursing. Every new chapter in her life is exciting and sad all at the same time.

This must be what motherhood really is. Begging time to keep them little, but loving each new moment. What a wonderfully confusing experience.

It’s no wonder that we want to remember every little thing. The good times and the hard times. Our babies are only our babies for a second. Everyday they are older and closer to independence.

So take in every second. Every screaming fit, every belly-roaring laugh, every stained t-shirt, and every owie that needs a mama’s kiss. Take the time to be present for your babies and try your best to remember everything. Capture everyday moments because that is what makes up their lives.

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