The Thrifting Addiction

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So it’s obvious that in my time thrifting, I’ve spent money on things I absolutely don’t need or I knew I probably wouldn’t use, just because it’s a great deal. This is the trap I fall in very easily and am working on curbing my addiction by limiting my visits to the store.

However, I’ve recently begun the habit of checking craigslist every morning. Surprisingly, I haven’t bought much through craigslist, but I do like checking out the rummage sales listed on there.

Last weekend though, I found a listing for a cute little sage green accent chair for $40. Seeing as I could get a gross out of date one from the thrift store for about the same price, I latched onto it. I emailed the owner, but never heard back so I assumed it was snatched up right away.
I told Bear about it, and he found the listing again and tried texting the owner via the contact info. It came back as a wrong number.

Now I thought it was a scam or something. This good of a deal and we couldn’t get a hold of the seller. Bear, thankfully, is a persistent man, and finally got through to the guy on email. Apparently, the man’s email had sent the craigslist emails to his spam folder and he had given the wrong phone number.

Bear got him down to $30, but as the guy changed his number on the listing, he said the calls were flooding in (obviously, since it was such a nice chair) and he upped his price again. Nuts.

We relented and bought it at his price (not without Bear’s last-minute effort to get him back down to $30). I got it home, gave it a washing with my carpet cleaner and VOILA! We have cute little accent chair that is super comfy, but also a great fit for our home.

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So here’s a question for you, do you haggle with sellers when buying a used item? I know it’s customary at garage sales and even on craigslist, but I am so bad at it! I feel embarrassed asking to get something for cheaper than they want. I know they can just say no and it’s worth a try, but I still get nervous about asking and end up paying WAY more than I know I could get something for.

Any tips?? How do you handle it? Is there a best strategy?? (Sometimes i like to not bring my wallet, just a bill and say “It’s all I have…”

Here’s to making thrifty shoppers even thriftier.

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