Rethinking Your Hair Routine

It didn’t happen until about four months after I gave birth. I had enjoyed the pregnancy hormones that made my hair healthy and strong. I knew that I was going to go through the postpartum hair loss, but it couldn’t be as bad as they all said, right?


Dead wrong.

it came out in handfuls. I seriously checked my head after every shower to make sure I wasn’t getting bald spots. I took my prenatal supplements and tries to avoid brushing my hair, but it still came out like I was shedding my old skin.

Seeing all the hair in my hands, in the drain catcher, all over my house – it made me think. How could I have prevented this? Will my hair ever be the same again?

I decided to seriously revamp my hair routine. I have never had great hair. Born with straight, baby fine hair, it turned more wavy/frizzy with puberty. After many years and many tries with countless products, different hairstyles, and an unending battle with the Midwest humidity, I have finally realized that everything I was doing (and really, everything I was seeing on the TV ads) was wrong.

I have followed a certain blogger for a while now and she has the best hair. Like, seriously…the best. She wrote about her hair routine here and I was intrigued. Of course my hair won’t perform a 180 and be magically awesome, but it was worth a try. Especially since I’ve been so careful of what I’m putting on my skin lately, a more natural approach to my hair wouldn’t hurt.

So here’s the gist…

Most of us over-wash our hair. If you shower daily, you should NOT wash your hair daily. It strips it of the healthy oils that keep it looking great. The shampoo we buy from the store typically has replacement oils to add back in after it has stripped away your hair’s natural oils. Your hair does not really get that dirty daily. I’ve even heard of people blowing drying sweat out of their hair instead of washing it! That’s a bit much for me, but maybe I’ll try it when I force myself to workout more than twice a week. I typically wash my hair every three days now and I don’t mind it. My hair is looking and feeling a lot healthier. Now just to get my biannual trim…

Next, use less shampoo. I just realized that I’ve been programmed to use way more shampoo than I need. I saw a commercial for a popular shampoo brand and the girl had suds and suds just running down her back and all over her head. All I could think of was that it was going to take her forever to wash all that soap out. If you think about it, it’s a money game and the more shampoo you use, the more you buy, and the bigger the company’s paycheck is. I use about a nickel size of shampoo on my hair and it barely suds.

Next, the reason my shampoo barely suds is because I use a natural shampoo. I currently use Shea Moisture shampoo which is free of pretty much all man made chemicals and very nicely lists the real ingredient in parentheses after its confusing name on the ingredient list. It’s also ethically made and vegan, so it pretty much hits all the consumer conscious bullet points. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider it expensive, it is certainly pricier than the low grade drugstore shampoo I used to buy. But here’s a way to justify buying good, expensive shampoo…don’t buy conditioner. You heard me. It’s just more man made chemicals designed to artificially replace what the shampoo just took out of your hair. When I switched my shampoo, I started using a vinegar solution as conditioner. I know, weird. But trust me, it is not as bad as it sounds. Unless you get it in your eyes. Then it’s real bad. I use a spray bottle and do a half-vinegar half-water solution. Spray it on, rinse it out well, and your shower just got a little cleaner too. If you can’t get over the smell, try using Apple cider vinegar instead. I promise, if you rinse well, there should be no lingering smell.

Last, I try not to use any product or heat on my hair. My hair is pretty much fried now from all the straightening I’ve done over the years, but it’s liking the rest from all the high heat. I usually comb it and brush if it looks ratty, but otherwise I don’t do much to it. Keep it quick and simple, lady! Sometimes I will throw some argon oil on there to help with frizz.

So there you have it…a complete redo of how I do my hair. It’s quick, easy, and fairly cheap since I’m barely using any products. My bottle of shampoo can probably last me almost a year! Save your money and your hair…try a more natural way and see what it does for your locks.

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