Natural Teething Relief

I’ve been asked so many times about Maggie’s teething necklace, I decided to write a blog post for it.

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I first heard about teething necklaces sometime in college and then got to see one in action when I worked as a nanny a couple years later. If you haven’t heard about them, it is just a homeopathic solution to teething (and more).

It is actually a Baltic amber necklace that releases succinc acid – a chemical that is “historically considered an ibuprofen…” and not only helps with pain, but also acidity. (Source)

There is little scientific research done on amber (and I have no idea why), but there are generations of people who have used it with success. This is by no means a new invention, but it has recently become trendy. While it’s fun to hop on fashion trends, this is so much more that that. I did some pretty extensive research about them before I bought one. This is one trend I can support wholeheartedly.

The trick is to find a reputable company that deals with real Baltic amber. I found the most support and recommendations from other mamas for a company called HazelAid. They deal with hazelwood and amber jewelry for both adults and children. There I learned that their jewelry can also alleviate GERD and excema symptoms. As a sufferer of both, I plan to purchase one for myself in the near future.

They are extremely reasonably priced and shipping doesn’t make you go into shock. Hazelaid even offers one necklace at economy pricing for skeptical parents who want to give it a try.

We started using a necklace for Maggie when she was around 5 months old, just after she started working on her first tooth. So far she has cut 4 teeth and it’s not a cure-all for teething (I’ve heard it’s comparable to labor! Poor babes…) but it certainly has helped us to survive the pain. And let me tell you, Maggie is not one of those kids who has no issue with teething. She feels and tells all!

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The biggest surprise was that it actually helped Maggie’s spitting up issue. I didn’t realize that her spitting up after every meal (like, ALL of her meal) was an acidity issue. The doctor told me that it likely would stop around one year old, when she began to walk and was upright most of the time. Surprisingly, as soon as I put it on, her spitting up went from every mealtime to almost never! We are both very happy about this unexpected resolution!

Another result of the teething necklace’s effectiveness is a huge decrease in Maggie’s drooling. She used to go through about three shirts a day if she didn’t wear a bib. It was like living with a St. Bernard! Thankfully, with the necklace, we don’t even need a bib. She has her days where she’s a little more soggy than normal, but it has helped her drooling immensely!

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Like anything, mamas, do your research and ask advice, but Baltic amber necklaces work for us and I think they could work for you!



Note: These necklaces are NOT meant for chewing and the length of the necklace should not be long enough to put in your child’s mouth. It should also not be worn around the neck while sleeping. 








This is not an ad and I have not been compensated or solicited for my opinion. All views are my own. 

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