Moving with a 9 Month Old

I was warned to move into a house before the baby came. Honestly, even moving while she was under six months old would’ve been a piece of cake. Now that Maggie is mobile, everything takes at least four times as long as it should to get done. But we somehow managed.

My husband works full time and has a busy extracurricular schedule, so I was pretty much in charge of packing everything up.

Here are some hints and things that helped me stay organized and make the move easier on me…

  • develop a schedule. figure out a timeline of when to pack rooms, switch your services, and when moving day will be. many of them say to start the process two months in advance, but I put it off until 2 weeks before we moved. (eek!) Here was a great resource for me when packing.
  • ask for help. some days I was able to have my sister in law come over and watch Maggie so I could focus and get more done.
  • pace yourself. i only gave myself one room to pack every couple days. that way I wasn’t freaking out and feeling overwhelmed. also, having a baby sometimes requires you to forego the plan for the day. go with the flow and don’t freak out; it will all work out!
  • get rid of stuff. i had purged earlier this year, but still managed to have a lot of stuff I gave away. it’s easier to get rid of things before you move than moving a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Maggie definitely needs to clean out her stuff. She’s such a hoarder.
  • reuse moving boxes. our friends had moved earlier this year, so my husband thoughtfully had asked them to save their boxes for us.
  • label things. we are still living out of boxes two weeks after moving day. needless to say, if I hadn’t prioritized labeling things, I would still be wandering around my house to find the box with the changing pad covers in it. i used these awesome moving labels because I wanted to be quick and easy with my packing, but a Sharpie would do if you don’t mind scribbles all over your boxes.
  • OCCUPY. I’m not even ashamed to say that Maggie spent quite some time in her walker, watching some random nursery rhyme show on YouTube. do whatever you have to with your kids to get the job done. they won’t be scarred from it and you will to get your stuff done.
  • take breaks. i like to finish projects right away, but i realized that I needed to pace myself or i would get burned out. sometimes you just need to not look at boxes and go out to eat. you can only do so much while chasing a baby around the house. go easy on yourself.

download (85)


we were blessed to have lots of help and resources to move most of our things in one night. my mother-in-law took Maggie to her house while we packed up our apartment and then met us our new house to move everything in.

Honestly, I had forgotten two major things about moving day with a baby. I had not thought about her being up waaaay past her bedtime. Her bedtime is usually around 7:45 and she was up until 10. thankfully i just put her in the Ergo and she was content to be hauled around for hours as I was moving around the house. I also had forgotten about the fact that her room wouldn’t be ready for her to sleep in. My father in law put her crib together as quickly as he could and we found her monitor and necessary things when she needed to sleep, but it could have been a lot worse.

So lesson learned: keep things needed for bedtime separate and just use the Pack ‘n’ Play the first night. What a hassle!

download (86)

It was a crazy time, but we are all moved in and feeling quite at home in our new house! I hope this helps you if you are planning to move soon with a baby. Good luck!

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