Midwest Fall

I’m not a fan of fall. I will never complain about summer’s blistering heat or long for sweater and legging weather. I only love a couple things about fall/winter:

  • apple cider doughnuts
  • salted caramel mocha
  • fires in the fireplace
  • slippers

That’s about it, sadly. Living in the Midwest means that winter is a seemingly never ending blizzard, and fall is just the prelude. Sigh…

Anyways, having a kid now means I’m beginning to enjoy the change of season a LITTLE more than usual. It’s fun to see her experience all the fun and new things. I’ve honestly been waiting my whole life to be able to do this fun stuff with my own kid.

We were able to do the whole apple farm/petting zoo excursion this weekend. Bear scored a pass for four to the local orchard on RocketGrab. Ever heard of it? Set it to your home area and visit local restaurants and events for cheap. We love using it and find some pretty great deals!

Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip to the apple orchard. We took along my sister in law and niece, as well.


Notice the chicken’s head outside the fence in the picture on the right?? EEK! Only my husband would let them get the food right from his hand. (Maggie can’t bear to watch, haha!)


I just love the tunnel of leaves and light in this picture. Now I want to go back and take hundreds more!


Don’t mind my phone in my pocket and the half ripped off sticker…notice Maggie going after Bear’s sticker.


Not a bad fall afternoon at all, I’d say.

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