Feed Your Baby Well…and Cheaply!

Everyone wants the best for their baby. Whether it’s the best school, the safest car seat, the most liked pediatrician, we seek out the best for our kids.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult, takes a ton of research most of the time, and not to mention, expensive!

Well, I’ll break down how I feed Maggie and how to save without cutting corners on what’s really good for your child.

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1. Baby-Led Weaning. We ended up doing a modification of BLW since I’m not such a fantastic cook and don’t eat a ton of produce (i know i know, I’m improving). Anyways, Maggie eats dinners with us. I usually am more prepared with dinner and can make a full meal for us all. Some of her favorite foods from the dinner table are sweet potato, green beans, mac ‘n’ cheese, and meat (she loves all food, really).

2. We also do some baby food for lunches usually. I actually do more baby food now than when she was new to eating solids (I burned out quickly on making so much food every meal). Anyways, Aldi came out with their new baby product line Little Journey in August and I’m in LOVE. They do carry Gerber baby food, but I’m very impressed with their own brand. We love the pouches, they’re great to stick in the diaper bag for an on-the-go lunch! They are USDA approved organic and come in a great variety of flavors.

3. We are a snacking family, so we are always stocked on puffs and Cheerios. Aldi also carries some puff flavors, but I love the HappyBaby brand because I feel like they are better than a snack. So nutritious!

Now, if you aren’t an Aldi fan or aren’t lucky enough to have one near, don’t fret! You can feed your baby for cheap too. I grab a ton of baby food at different stores, depending on their sales and the rebates I can get.

Everyone goes to Target for the clearance racks, but did you know that they clearance out baby supplies too? Check the end caps near the pharmacy, baby supply aisle, and grocery sections, you can find some marked down pouches, puffs, and cereal. I love finding these because you can also use a Cartwheel deal if they have one for the brand AND you can snag a rebate if applicable. If you haven’t already, download the Ibotta and Checkout51 apps. Get money back on things you already buy. 

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Amazon also has lightning deals sometimes on baby food. Keep an eye out for those! I follow HiptoSave on Bloglovin’ to keep track of the best deals.

Babies are expensive, but they are so worth every penny. Make sure your make your money count though and apply some of these tips!

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