Camping Misadventures

We went camping recently. Spontaneously. If you know me, I am not a spontaneous person. My husband, however, is the exact opposite. He plays everything by ear and somehow, we work.

I started camping with my family when I was just three months old and my parents had the act down pat. I somehow thought I inherited that gene, but I guess it comes with more experience.

Here’s the lowdown of how our spontaneous trip with our seven-month-old went:

  • accidentally packed a twin air mattress instead of a queen
  • didn’t bring a pack ‘n’ play
  • forgot drinking water
  • didn’t bring a container to haul water to our site
  • didn’t have a float for Maggie
  • forgot chairs
  • only had one thin blanket

So we…

  • snuggled at night on a twin air mattress
  • Maggie slept on a towel on the floor
  • we lived off of root beer and beer for the couple days
  • used a gallon jug we found in the car to transport water to our site
  • played on every beach we visited
  • used our one hammock and the trunk of our SUV as chairs

Regardless, we went to a Farmer’s Market, ate at a Chinese buffet with only six choices, DIDN’T forget coffee, watched the sunset, didn’t shower for days, collected stones (didn’t find any Petoskey stones, though), enjoyed the beautiful weather, and Bear even got some dirt biking in! (Michigan has an awesome trail system if you are into ORV’s). It was a much needed family vacation and once I realized that it wasn’t going as exactly a I would have liked, it was amazing. It was a great reminder to let go and just have a good time.

Some pictures from our adventure…

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