A Letter to My One-Year-Old

Dear Maggie,

   It has been one whole year since you entered this world, big-eyed and wrinkled. I swear it was just yesterday that I held you, in awe that you were finally here. You had deep brown hair (that promptly fell out in the next three months), a perfect button nose, and dark huge eyes that I could get lost in.


   I am so happy that God graced our family with you. A tiny, squishy human that is all ours. Those first weeks, I held you for hours on end (mostly because you cried whenever we put you down).


   The next four months challenged my motherhood. I questioned my abilities, wondered if something was wrong with you, and cried out my frustration daily. You, baby girl, were so unhappy for the longest time, and I’m so sorry. I wish I could go back and help us both.


   Then you changed…you began to be cheerful, giggly, and interactive. You developed some independence from me and would tolerate nighttime a little better. Your months 4-11 were still challenging, but I was so often rewarded with your snuggles, smiles, and laughter that it made up for any rough times.

You got eight teeth before you were seven months old and then didn’t get anymore before you were one! You love almost all food and have eaten from our table since you were six months old. You can eat for almost a half and hour and still sign for more. You can say “dada, mama, and duh (which I think is “dog”)”, but “mama” took you SO long to get. You can sign “more” and “all done” and are working on “thank you”. You wave hello and goodbye constantly, start dancing the second you hear music, and love to scream. You are constantly picking fights with Leia, you terrorize your friend Mabel, and want to do everything that your friend Aubrey does. You think your cousin Kailee is the funniest person ever (especially when she coughs), and you get so excited when you see any of your family. You recently learned how to go downstairs backwards, so now you just go up and down stairs until you’re tired. You still nurse about 4 times a day, but mostly it’s just because you love your mama (when I ask if you want “mama’s milk”, you go crazy). You still sleep in our bed most nights, sometimes we end up with everyone in our bed (including the dogs). You literally began walking days ago, right on your own schedule…now you surprise me every time I see you toddling around the corner to find me. You squish your face into mine for a hug, you give open mouth kisses, and you attack anyone who lies on the floor.


   This year has been a whirlwind, a time of change and confusion. We wouldn’t change it for anything and we love every part of your crazy, sweet self.


   Love you forever, Maggie Grace. Happy first birthday!

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