Why We Chose to Use Cloth Diapers

“But you have to wash the poop in the machine?”

Many of our family and friends gave us that “you’re nuts” look when we announced that we were going to use cloth diapers with our children. Honestly, I don’t even remember how I came around to the idea, but once I did some research, I knew it was a good plan for us. It actually didn’t take that much to convince Bear. Once I showed him the statistics about how many disposable diapers we would end up using and how much it would cost to have a couple kids use diapers, he wholeheartedly agreed to it.



We are blessed to have me be a stay at home mom and have own laundry machines in our home so that this venture is even possible right now. I’ve heard of many people not being able to start cloth diapering, even when they’d like to, because of the upfront cost. There are programs that actually let people try out cloth before buying or that loan it out for a duration to low-income families. I’ve also heard of families setting aside $10-20 a month to start their stash slowly. If using a baby registry, I would suggest putting some diapers on there (you may not get many since people are nervous about getting something wrong or think it’s weird.) and see what you can get as gifts!

We’re still figuring out which diapers work best for us (there are many different brands and types to choose from). Starting out, I’d suggest getting a few different kinds to try out and see what works best for your family and then investing in that brand. We have figured out that Alva diapers, while cheap and cute, don’t fit well for us right now, so I don’t reach for those first. I have taken to using Bum Genius pocket diapers stuffed with inserts or Flip covers with inserts or flour sack towels (pad-folded)

image (5)

We are by no means hard-core about it. We use cloth mainly to cut down on the cost of a baby and our waste. We use disposables for travel, nighttime, and while babysitting. But even with that, we are just now on the last diapers of the only box we’ve bought. We didn’t start using cloth until we were out of the hospital-provided disposables, about a month in (which was good because she was finally big enough to wear our one-size diapers).

We do recognize that cloth is definitely not for everyone. It does take some time, research, and usually a large upfront cost. Every three nights, I spend about an hour folding and stuffing diapers. I just want people to know it’s not as gross or costly as it may seem. If you can handle the inevitable infant blowout, you can easily handle a poopy diaper! At least that poo is where it should be! (By the way, we’ve only ever had blowouts when using disposables. Another win for cloth!)

image (6)

I actually love using cloth. The diapers are adorable. washing them is no harder than washing a load of clothes, and even Bear says they’re as easy as disposables. Well, I say that now dealing only with water-soluble breast fed poop. I’ll let you know how I feel when I have to start scraping poo. (insert pukey emoticon here).

image (7)

I love talking about cloth, so if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them as best I can. I’m still learning myself! And if you have any advice for me, I’ll take it!

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