Six Months of Maggie Grace

My baby girl is six months old. Cue all the tears. It’s crazy to believe that she has been earthside for half a year, yet crazy to think that it hasn’t been longer.


I won’t lie, motherhood was not exactly what I expected. I had high expectations of myself and imagined that a baby would fit in my world without a hitch. It has truly taken us almost her whole life to finally work well together. I don’t know what it was, but it only makes these recent days even sweeter.

I jokingly tell people that since I had such a difficult newborn, her toddler years will be easy. I can’t predict that, but I do know that each day brings new joys and fun that I couldn’t imagine before she was born.

DSC_0004 (2)


I love you, Margaret, and love you more each day. Thank you for challenging me and making me look forward to the future.

Here are Maggie’e stats at six months:

  • At about 16 1/2 lbs, she has delicious leg rolls and the cutest double chin you’ve ever seen.
  • She is sitting all on her own and stands up in her excersaucer. She scoots backwards but crawling is still a step away (not for long, I’m afraid).
  • She greets me with a sly grin and a “hi!” when I get her from her crib. It’s not so cute at 3 am.
  • She thinks Leia is the funniest thing in the universe. I spend my days trying to make her laugh as hard as she does at the dogs.
  • She loves to eat toes. Not just hers.
  • She FINALLY popped a tooth after a week of wearing her amber necklace.
  • She can put her own pacifier in her mouth.
  • She jabbers like a bird and still likes to scream.
  • She has quite the fake cry. It gets me every time. The stinker.
  • She sleeps in her own crib for most of the night. She still wakes up about twice a night to eat, but goes back to sleep on her own pretty well. We’re still working on the sleeping through the night thing. Six months is the magic number, right??
  • Her cheeks cannot be stopped and I think that’s why people say she looks more like me now. I’ll take it.
  • She LOVES being outside, swimming, and swinging. We go on a walk about once a day and are loving summer being here finally.
  • She reaches for people to hold her and has grown exponentially in her comfort level with strangers.
  • She went to her first wedding, stayed up til 10:30, danced, and had ZERO meltdowns. I’m kinda like “who is this baby?”


The fifth month held so much growth that I don’t think I’ll be surprised at what the sixth month brings. So much fun ahead!

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