Maintaining a Life of Adventure with a Baby

Before we had Maggie, I tried to convince Bear that we could still be adventurous with a baby. He was skeptical, but I think we’ve done very well at assimilating her into our life. From just a month old, she has joined us on hikes, play-dates at the dog park, and flew on her first plane ride at three months old!

download (17)


Our favorite place to explore is the woods in the backyard of Bear’s parents’ home. He grew up playing in those woods, I love when he takes me on what seems like new trails every time, and I love that we get to share it with Maggie already.

download (18)

We’ve attempted the trails with our jogging stroller (we call it the All-Terrain Stroller – an old style BabyTrend jogger I got secondhand and works great), but with the Midwest spring comes mud and after getting stuck too many times, we now stick to the ErgoBaby carrier for our hikes.

I’m really enjoying my Ergo (my friend got it for me from a store returns collection and I could hug her a million times to thank her,) especially now that Maggie is big enough for the different carry positions. Bear even asks me now if he can wear her on our walks. Proud mama right here.

download (19)

So we’re doing it. We have a baby and we are keeping up with our old selves. Maggie is going to grow up and love doing so many things; we’re happy to help her start.

I hope you are encouraged, young parents, to continue your life of adventure and thrills. If you raise your child in a world of chasing wonder and adventure, you are giving them the world.

Note: this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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