How to Thrift like a Boss

Most of my friends understand my obsession with thrifting. I blame my mother; we shopped Goodwill and rummage sales when I was young and it wasn’t yet popular. I continued my love of finding cheap treasures through high school and college, and now I consider myself a semi-pro.

download (20)

I don’t even remember when I got these mugs, but they were only like a quarter each and I feel so artsy when I use them.


There are several tricks when it comes to thrifting and I’ll pass them onto you…

  • Be flexible – I sometimes look for a specific item for months before I find it. Don’t give up just because you don’t find something you want right away.
  • Be consistent – I frequent the three thrift stores in my city every week. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I win the jackpot (like a new rug from Target priced down to $15!)
  • Know your stores – find out when they stock new donations (my Goodwill is Thursdays and my Salvation Army is Tuesdays)
  • Get plugged in for even more deals – my local Goodwill store has a Facebook page where they post the deals of the week and even coupons! Also, did you know Goodwill sells online too?! You may find something you’re looking for on there instead, but prices are a little higher and shipping adds up.
  • Use your imagination – sometimes you won’t find exactly what you’re looking for, but can fashion a similar piece yourself using several items (i’m working on a mirror collage with empty frames I found. Now to find mirrors!)
  • Understand the pricing system – my Goodwill buys out of season stock from Target and automatically prices it at half of the original price. Target sometimes marks their products 75% off before it leaves the store, so sometimes you can get a better deal there than the thrift store.

download (21)I’m obsessed with my indoor plants in wicker pots now. My mom says I get it from my grandma.


Best things to buy at a thrift store:

Rugs, picture frames, coffee mugs, home decor, gift bags, seasonal items (decorations), board games, kids clothes, maternity clothes (come on, you wear them for like 4 months).

download (22)


Unfortunately, the rise of popularity of thrifting has created more of a demand and the stores know it. My local stores just raised their prices on most items, but remember they almost all have a half-off color of the week so there’s still savings! Different regions price differently as well, the Goodwill in my mom’s city prices kids’ clothes at $1.99 and my Goodwill is still at $.99 for them. So keep an eye out for those differences!


download (23)

Hope this guide helps you on your thrifting adventures! I love to thrift because it’s like a treasure hunt…you never know what awesome thing you’re going to find. Just remember to not go crazy or you’ll end up with too much stuff like me (see previous post on purging).

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