Dear Maggie, You Are Not Perfect

But darling, let’s get something straight. You are not and will never be perfect. You are not the perfect daughter, you will not be the perfect wife. You will not have the perfect body and you will not have a perfect life. (I didn’t really mean to rhyme there, but I guess it’s meant to be.) You won’t get perfect grades and you won’t have the perfect job. In fact, you will be most definitely imperfect in everything.

And that is wonderful. That is exactly right. It is how God planned it.

You are not a carbon copy of anyone. You are not a cookie cutter person. You don’t have to worry about fitting in…’cause you won’t. You’re not supposed to. I pray I raise you to stand out, to be noticeably different.

The world has its standards and ideas of what women should be, what they should look like, what they should do. Social media begs us to compete, and to exploit our lives in pictures. We are constantly having to live up to something.

Maggie girl, I want you to only live up to one thing. I pray you grow up with a tender heart, with compassion for others, and a love of God so fierce it exudes from everything you do. I pray I can teach you how.

I can’t promise that you will never question yourself or struggle with self consciousness, but I promise you that the One who put the sun in the sky made you who you are…perfect in His eyes.

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