Daily Routine with a Baby

Let’s face it, life is never going to be the same after having a baby. Everything takes at least twice as long as before and sometimes need to be redone because the baby gets into it right after you’ve cleaned it! I’ve finally been able to get into a somewhat regular routine with Maggie now and we both appreciate the consistency.

This routine is just an idea of a day at home with an almost six month old baby, many days we have plans and are out of the house most of the day.


8:00 Wake up

8:10 Start coffee, change diaper, nurse, feed dogs.

8:15 Put M in the excersaucer and turn on Steve Green’s Hide Em In Your Heart while she plays, do devos journal & drink coffee.

8:25 Wash face, make breakfast and eat.

8:40-9:00 Play time

download (28)


 9:00-9:30 M plays alone, work on blog or project.

9:30-940 Mama & baby yoga

download (29)

9:40-10 Settle down for naptime

10-11 Naptime, work on projects, clean house.

11:00 Change diaper, nurse.

11:10-11:30 Walk the dogs

download (30)

 11:30-12 Work in the yard, play outside

12-12:30 M plays alone, make lunch & eat.

12:30-2 Watch Netflix while working/M playing

2:00 Settle down for naptime, change diaper.

2:10-4 Naptime, clean house & start dinner, Bear gets home.

download (31)

4:00 Change diaper, nurse.

4:10-4:45 M hangs out with Bear, finish dinner.

image (9)

4:45-5:15 Eat dinner

5:15-5:30 Clean up dinner, M plays alone. Feed dogs.

image (10)

5:30-7 Naptime, work outside or in the house, change diaper, play with dogs. D

7-7:30 Bathtime

image (11)

7:30-8 Change into pj’s, change diaper, nurse, read story.

8:00 Bedtime

10:30 M wakes to nurse

1:30 M wakes to nurse

4:30 M wakes to nurse (at this point of the night I usually bring her upstairs and put her to sleep in our bed for the rest of the night.


And that’s our day-to-day routine! Like I said, it changes frequently as we are busy almost every day, but when we are home this is pretty much what it looks like.

Maggie will be starting solid foods this month so we will be changing our routine as far as eating goes. We will see what else changes…hopefully the nighttime routine!

If if you are stuck for ideas of what to do during the day with your baby, check out your local library, your church, or community center for classes or group meetings! I was also gifted this book that is chock full of ideas for what to do with your baby.

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