A Baby-Led Adventure

I promised myself that I would wait until six months to give Maggie solid foods. So we start Saturday!! It’s been difficult to wait actually. She’s quite the little pig and I went through a time where I didn’t feel like I could produce enough to satisfy her. Thankfully, we got past that and are doing awesome still. She also has been attuned to the fact that we eat different food than she does for a couple months now. She even begs and has tried to grab my food on several occasions. Little pig, I’m telling you.

download (32)download (33)

If you know anything about cloth diapering, you know why I’m kind of dreading introducing solid foods, but I know it’s going to be fun to watch her develop this life skill.

I’ve done much research on all the different approaches…rice cereal added to breast milk, baby food mixes, homemade food purees, BLW, etc. and finally settled on baby-led weaning. If you haven’t heard of it, check out a quick synopsis here. Basically, it’s the Montessori version of learning how to eat. It skips the mashing and pureeing and gives the baby manageable chunks of food that she can grip and gum on. It sounds a bit scary at first, but upon researching it more intensely I found that there’s actually a lower choking risk than spoon-fed meals and it leads to a better control of portions and less food pickiness and allergies later on in life (if you know me, you’ll know why I’m so into getting Maggie to like all kinds of food.) There are a lot of physical criteria the baby must meet before trying BLW, such as sitting up unsupported or almost unsupported, can grip things, and has gotten past the tongue thrust reflex. Make sure you do your research before trying something new/talk to your baby’s doctor.

download (34)

Anyways, I’ve done the mom thing, Googled the heck out of the topic, but I’d love to get some real-life advice or experience from moms who tried BLW or thought about it but ended up not choosing that style.

download (35)

It will be quite the messy adventure, but I’m sure going to love just cutting up whatever food we’re eating that meal and sharing with Maggie. I’m sure she will love it too. Here are some of the foods we will be trying soon!

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