How to Get It All Done

Baby crying, dogs barking, the UPS man knocking on the door, the washer leaking water, and the microwave incessantly beeping about the coffee I had put in there an hour ago…this is typical, right? All moms suffer through this chaos.

It’s been two months since Maggie joined us and it has been a major learning experience of how to cope around the house while toting a newborn. Many people have advised me to forget the house, to not bother with anything and to just focus on the baby. While well-intended, I can’t take the advice. It goes against my very nature to forego the laundry or vacuuming or cleaning the tub (how can it possibly get so dirty every week?!) As a semi-OCD mom, I’ve had to figure out how to do it all. The impossible.




First off, I wear Maggie almost every day around the house. Whether it’s in the wrap or Ergo, its a great way to get things done with a baby who doesn’t want to be put down (AKA: Crabmeister, AKA: Maggie). I’ve even discovered some workouts that you can do while babywearing! (I suggest using a carrier of some sort…we tried Zumba in our wrap and it didn’t give me the freedom to go all out like I wanted).


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Second, I have a great 4Moms Mamaroo that keeps Maggie asleep or content while I vacuum or put dishes away, I normally would never be able to justify spending so much on a baby swing, but hello Christmas! I also did some digging around and found a discontinued version for only $150 ($100 off) at Score! This is by far our favorite baby item and my hubby was just about as excited as I was when it came.  Click on t










Honestly, I do it all by not doing it all at once. Some days, Maggie has a 3 hour nap in her bassinet and I clean the entire house, do two loads of laundry, and cook a 6 course meal (HA!). Most days are like today: Maggie hasn’t slept more than 30 minutes at a time because the dogs keep barking and waking her up,  she cries when I put her down (even in her swing!), and I’ve found myself doing things in 20 minute increments between feedings and her naps. I’ve found that its easier to train my dog to walk on the treadmill than try to get Maggie to sleep so I can get Leia outside or to bundle the baby up and take her into the frigid Michigan winter air.




Sometimes it’s frustrating to have to work around a demanding little human, but then I see her smile or watch her curl her fingers over mine and my heart (and all my other chores) melt away.

Rest easy, Mamas. You CAN do it all. Eventually.

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